Photo Quotes #3

tOekangpoto Indonesia

You don’t take a photograph, you make it

Ansel Adams


Quotes of Photograph 3


Foto. Imam Saefudin


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Sunday Photo Quote: Dreams

A Second of Life in Greece

Come and share your favorite quotes with us! Every Sunday, Sonel at Sonel’s Corner and I are posting our chosen quotes for the week. We have a weekly theme and hope you will join us next time! This Sunday’s theme was about DREAMS. And look who participated this week! Welcome, Colonialist’s Blog!  😀

To everyone because WE ALL DREAM!
ALL images are FREE to use and they were made to be shared!

As SUMMER approaches, I used related photos to make this week’s quotography, but this time they weren’t mine. I found pictures of Japanese-summer theme  2 years ago and was kept hidden in the dark after that. I am glad to use some of them finally!

Acknowledgment to the artist who took these lovely photos. If ever you find this blog, please let me know. Thank you very much!

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Sunday Quote: Words

A Second of Life in Greece

Welcome to another Sunday of sharing inspiration and ideas!

This week’s theme is WORDS.Thank you Sonel for this week’s theme for I was so inspired by it, and ended up creating 8 Quotographs in Photoshop! Visit Sonel’s Corner, as she joins us again. Anyone can be in this activity. We have a weekly theme and we post them every Sunday. You don’t need to create Quotographs like Sonel and I do.You can share an inspiring quote ( or quotes ) through Poetry, Pictures, and Story. Just don’t forget to share your link to me! You can post-comment below.

Our next week’s theme is: LIFESTYLE. 

Without WORDS, we couldn’t have reached today’s achievements. The words of yesterday had inspired us, as we lived by our predecessors words of wisdom. And those wisdom will be passed on to the next generation. I hope you enjoy the quotes below!


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Office Friends IV: Chi Beta Epsilon Honor Society

So, I’ve been MIA for like, two months already, and summer is officially over. Sad smile I spent my summer with these awesome people whom I call my “Office Friends”. These people made my summer through bonding in the Office of the Student Organizations or Office of the Students and Alumni Affairs. In this edition of Office Friends, I’m with Chi Beta Epsilon Honor Society. :”””> They are simply amazing and simply crazy, that’s why I love them so much. Red heart



Our Photo Collage! (incomplete, though)


w/ Mae Cendana (our “Official English Critic” Red heart), Anna Rose Farillon (the first-ever XBE Lakandula) and MJ Vallejo (our first-ever LAKAMBEKI!)



Me and my faaaaaaaavorite Escribano, Marven! Angel



See the beautiful lady there? It’s Maricar, our Sulayman. :””>



SMILE! Smile



Me and Ate Faaaari! ❤


Cray-cray! Smile



Cray-cray 2. 😀

Thumbs up